Why Choose to Skydive with Us?

We put the most experienced team of instructors at your fingertips! Our dropzone also has the most up-to-date technology when it comes to equipment. We focus on safety being our number one priority. We excel in this area of expertise because we regularly update our rigs and safety processes to be in line with USPA regulations. Not only is our equipment up to date, but our aircraft are also carefully managed and maintained by a team that specializes in small airplane varieties used predominantly for skydiving.

We have the ability to give you a superior experience that won’t seem real until you see the altimeter for yourself! After all, according to most skydivers, there is nothing more blissful than barreling 14,000 feet down at 120 mph. It only makes sense to choose the experts in your area. Our safety record, experienced instructors, and open availability allow for an easy booking process. To get started, call 215-258-2255 now!

Experienced Skydivers

If you have already taken your first tandem and would like to further your skydiving experience, our experts are here to help! Once enrolled in our program, you will be assigned the most skilled coaches that are available for your training. We do everything in our power to keep you safe and eager to learn more about skydiving!

We also employ the most innovative skydiving technology when it comes to our AFF programs! This ensures that all of our equipment exceeds the expectations and requirements of the USPA regulations.

Location! Staff! Experience!

Our facilities are just a short drive from the center of Philadelphia. In this area, you get spectacular views for miles around! We offer a comfortable observation area to wait as you’re preparing physically and mentally to jump out of a plane. Our friendly, experienced office staff knows just how to make you feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. You will discover how easy it is to conquer your fears with our help! Our 4.6-star rating says it all! Stop dragging your feet and plan your jump today by calling 215-258-2255.

Several of the greatest Philadelphia Skydives

Philly Skydiving strives to give you a superior experience that you can’t get anywhere else. We service the entire northeast-area of Pennsylvania. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing the most thrilling and unforgettable experience possible. Compared to other drop zones, we have impeccable safety records and keep safety at the very top of our priorities.

First-Class Skydiving Training in Philadelphia

Our dropzone staff consists of nothing less than experts. With nearly 30 years of combined experience, you will have the ability to ask your instructor as many questions as you would like. Our location, staff, and experience are perfect for nearly everyone! Because of this, availability may vary during our busy seasons. We are open 7-days a week to answer any questions or handle any scheduling, all you have to do is call Philly Skydiving today! 215-258-2255!

Simply Contact Our Team and get it Done

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