Philadelphia SKYDIVE

There is no better way to relive this life-changing experience with family and friends than to purchase a video. Your video will tell the tale of your adventure from beginning to end. The entire skydive is styled to capture you being geared up, loading onto the plane, the initial jump, ALL of the freefall, and your landing. The five to seven minute video will be transferred onto a flashdrive for you to cherish forever.

Should I call in in advance

Due to high success of the sport, availability is proportionate to preparation prior to the designated date for your skydive. Thus, the more time before your date, the more likely the day and time you prefer is available. A lot goes into our booking procedure. We need to have ample time to effectively and excellently plan needed personnel and equipment to meet your venturous desires.

Can I bring my own camera?

Although you are encouraged to take as many pictures as you may like, it is prohibited for anyone besides certified instructors to handle recording equipment during a skydive. You wouldn’t want your equipment to get lost or broken anyway!

Could I have my friends get video or pictures?

Definitely! Being dependent on the quality of their camera equipment, they will be able to get photos of you flying down to ground below the canopy along with your swift, but steady, landing. They will also be able to get close-ups of you right after your Philadelphia skydive.

Why is video pricing per person?

Another common question we receive is whether or not one videographer can film multiple jumpers. Unfortunately, due to physics, this is not possible. For safety, each tandem jumps about 30 seconds apart, leaving way too much space between jumpers for one camera to efficiently film multiple jumpers. On the bright side, this allows us to give you a more personalized, unique video.

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