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Skydive Training in Philadelphia

Becoming a certified skydiver not only gives you the freedom of a solo skydive, but you can also save money on future jumps, as well. Certified skydivers typically pay less for their skydiving experience. Let Philly Skydiving help you earn your skydiving certification.

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Level One

This first step to solo skydiving normally requires two days. The first day is a full day's training in a classroom with a jump master. Get familiar with terms and skills including: free fall, how to read the altimeter, and deploying and flying the parachute.

On the second day of training, you will return to jump from 14,000 feet!!! After being assisted by your tandem instructor, you will freefall and maintain stability, height awareness and then deploy the parachute. Then, your instructor will assist in flying the parachute to the Drop Zone.

Levels Two to Four

This is your first solo skydive! During level 2, you will exit the aircraft with two instructors, learning techniques including turns and forward movement. After your parachute is deployed, a third instructor will direct your parachute flight and landing via radio.

During this stage, you will learn to control your body movements during the free fall so that you can skydive by yourself without the help of two instructors.

During this level, you will learn solo turns and advanced body control. Two instructors will accompany you.

Levels Five to Seven

Learn how to do back loops and delta tracking (gliding across the sky) as two instructors assist.

During this level, you will combine all of the skills you have learned. Your first solo exit with only one jump master close by your side. You learn more advanced maneuvers and demonstrate delta tracking, freefall flips and recovery from unstable body positions.

One jump master remains with you to observe while you make a solo exit and demonstrate your newly acquired skydiving skills. Video is always good to have on this skydive as it completes the course and you perform the jump without any direct aid.

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